General Use

  • For any non-office hours times, you must obtain a key from the office. A $25 key deposit is required for each key. Keys are made available 7 days prior to the event. Keys need to be returned to the office no later than 7 days after the event. Please see office schedule and contact info here.
  • Use only the room(s) assigned to you.
  • The space is only available to you during the timeframe of your reservation or rental. This includes setup and clean-up. If you need more time, please contact the office.
  • You must have permission to use the kitchen prior to using it.
  • Use of piano or other equipment requires approval prior to use.
  • Follow the provided instructions for equipment.
  • Security and key deposits shall be returned to you within 10 business days provided keys are returned in working condition and the room(s) are in the same or better condition as before  your room use.

Before You Leave Checklist

  • Leave the room at least as clean as you found it.
  • Return all furniture to designated “room neutral” positions in the appropriate rooms.
  • Turn off lights, appliances and other equipment. If you adjusted settings, reset AC/heat settings according to instructions posted at the thermostats.
  • Please wash any dishes left from your meeting.
  • Return any building keys to the office. Optional return for CARE Building keys: There is a safe drop box in the CARE Bldg. kitchen, mounted on the wall next to the refrigerator; be sure and include your organization’s name when leaving keys in the drop box.
  • Building Lockup:  Close and lock windows. If you are the last to leave the building, turn off hall and other lights. Lock all Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and CARE Building doors.  The hex key for inside panic bars stored in the upper corner of the door frames.

Smoke-Free Campus

Please inform your guests that ERUUF is a Smoke-Free campus. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on/in ERUUF grounds, buildings or property.


If wine or beer are served, your group is responsible for knowing and obeying ERUUF’s alcohol policy. HARD LIQUOR IS NEVER ALLOWED. As do places that serve alcohol, you will have the obligation to refuse serving alcohol when appropriate. You assume any liability related to knowing of or allowing alcohol served to under-aged persons or those who have become intoxicated according to NC State law limits. Take all your alcoholic beverages and empty bottles/cans or other containers with you.


Drive and park only on the graveled areas or parking pad. Keep narrow lanes clear for emergencies.


Be considerate of others using the building. Voices and activity noise levels kept at a reasonable level allow others occupants to enjoy their meetings and events.

Classroom Equipment and Supplies

If you remove chairs, tables, etc. from other room(s), you must return them.

Supplies from the classrooms belong to the Religious Education program and are unavailable for use.


Please be mindful of using candles, food, or beverages while meeting and the impact it has on our cleaning team. 

  • Candle lighting is prohibited in certain areas of the campus.  (Please ask office for more details.)
  • Please remain in your meeting area as long as any candle is burning.
  • Because of allergy risks, burning strongly scented candles or incense is also discouraged.   


We love animals, but because of the allergy risks involved for people on campus, we ask that you keep them home.


  • Food is only permitted in certain rooms and spaces.

Trash Removal and Clean-up (events with food)

  • Dry and put away all dishes used.
  • Wipe off tables and counters.
  • If you use the dishwasher, you must stay to empty and put away all dishes at the end of the dishwasher cycle.
  • Put away tables and chairs.
  • Remove food trash and filed waste baskets and put garbage in the dumpster (on cement parking pad behind a wooden fence).
  • Line empty wastebaskets with available trash can liners.


We encourage groups to recycle and compost when you can!

There is a list of compostable items on the waste containers in the Fellwoship Hall and Commons Room kitchen. 

*Compotable dinner ware is avaialble for ERUUF groups only.   

Please empty compost waste (lined with special bags) into the large Compost Now in located outside the kitchen door of the Fellwoship Hall. 

There are recycling overflow bins outside the Fellowship Hall.

Take leftover alcoholic beverages, and empty alcoholic beverage containers with you.

Additional Guidelines

ERUUF reserves the right to provide additional Room Use Policies, at its discretion, based upon factors such as timing, safety, weather, your group’s activities or the activities of others taking place on our campus.


For Office Use Only

_______________________________/ ___________________

Group Leader                                          Date


_______________________________/ ___________________

Office                                                       Date