Beginning July 1, ERUUF Groups may meet indoors by making a reservation through the Office (request a room/space). 


People who come to campus will wear masks

  • if unvaccinated
  • when in worship
  • when children are present
  • at the discretion of the group in adult meetings
  • and bring their own drinking water and snacks
  • Kitchens on campus remain closed. No food or beverages may be prepared or shared on campus at this time.
  • Group size is limited to 50% capacity in most rooms. 
  • Music Groups with a designated leader may rehearse in the sanctuary beginning June 15, 2021
  • The Group members must wear masks when singing; use the HEPA filter. 
  • Rehearsals are limited to 75 people in the Sanctuary.  
  • Memorials and Weddings are currently for ERUUF members only (see full policy for additional information).

Before meeting on campus requirements:

  1. The group’s leader will contact the ERUUF Office (Facilities Coordinator) and provide information about the size of the group and the requested day and time of meeting(s).  Link to online space request form:  request a room/space
  2. The ERUUF Office/Facilities Coordinator will designate space for the group based on availabilty.
  3. The group leader, minister, or senior staff member will share Rules of Use with group members.
  4. The group may meet if all members who attend in person agree to the rules.

Rules of Use

Attending group members agree that they will abide by the following rules for campus use:

  • Wear masks; sanitize hands; maintain at least 6’ of social distance.
  • Bring their own drinking water and snacks
  • Be on campus only at their agreed upon day, time, and at their assigned outdoor space.
  • Be mindful of inclusion of group members with particular needs.
  • Bring their own drinking water and snacks.
  • Be mindful about greeting each other, staff, and ministers at a social distance; not doing this puts others at risk.
  • Public restrooms will be open and maintained regularly in each building on campus. Please contact the ERUUF office if you notice anything that needs attention in a bathroom.
  • Kitchens on campus remain closed. No food or beverages may be prepared or shared on campus at this time.
  • The group leader must record attendance and hold onto it in case contact tracing becomes necessary.
  • If a group member tests positive for Covid-19 after attending an event on campus, they agree to notify the group leader so that other group members and ministers can be notified. The identity of the ill person will be kept confidential, but the date and time of exposure will be shared as needed.
  • While these rules for campus safety are not optional, group members are encouraged to engage them in the spirit of love and care for fellow members. If a group member chooses not to adhere to these safety rules, they may not attend the event on campus. The group leader is responsible for sharing these safety rules with group members. Staff is available for support if needed.

pdfHealth Self-Screening Form 


Click on the document linked below to read the fully updated policy, including guidelines for Worship, Programs, and Religious Education.